Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally...we are settled in our house!!

We are alive and well!! :) I am so sorry that I haven't kept the blog up to date...I am going to really try hard from now on!! Our "rental computer"has been giving Wes "crazy fits" and we have gone to bed several nights with him so frustrated and ready to throw the computer out the window! I think he has it all figured out now.
SF is much better than i had anticipated-as most of you know, i was very sad to leave AR and all of our family and friends. Even though i still have sad times b/c of missing home, we are really enjoying it!! There really isnt anything not to love about this town-we are in a small town outside of the city! The people here are so friendly, the weather is beautiful (a little cooler than the AR august!) and the time we are getting to spend as a family is awesome!!! Wes is commuting to the city every day-i will post a picture of the light blue bug convertible he drives every day-it is hilarious!! We are renting it from the same people we are renting our house from.
I will post more pics of the views from our house and of the kids...we have a lot of different hiking trails from our house and i posted a pic from our first hike together in Muir Woods-unbelieveable!!! Keep checking back!! We miss you all and can't wait to see some of you in September when we are home for Ashley's wedding!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boxed up and almost ready to go!!

Our house is in total dissaray these days and it is driving me crazy...just thought i would share a few pictures of my babies!! No matter how crazy our life may seem-they always bring a smile to my face!!

A new journey in our life...

We are starting this blog to keep our family and friends updated as we begin a new chapter in our life. We will be spending this next year in San Francisco and we look forward to sharing all of our fun adventures!!